Basic Router Troubleshooting

Common Issues / Fixes

Internet Slowness - Router Reboot

The most common fix to slow internet is to reboot your network equipment. This can include modems, routers, and all in one units named SOHO routers. You will unplug the power plug that connects the unit to mains power. Wait 15-30 seconds for power in all capacitors to dissipate, then re-attach power. The system will boot back up and many common issues due to system uptime(system powered on for a long time) will be resolved. Further troubleshooting can be attempted prior to contacting your ISP.

No Link/Internet Lights

The best method to fixing no internet is to restart the modem/hardware. If you do not receive a internet light you may want to verify all connections are clean and secure. If it's a Comcast/Xfinixy modem it will have a round spinning (coaxial) cable on the back. You can attempt to reconnect the cable by unscrewing and firmly screwing it back in on both ends.